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The American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio Club

Amateur Radio

The American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio Club (AmLeg315Tx) was chartered in 2022 as a non-profit club (501©19) dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of amateur radio. The American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio Club promotes goodwill and fellowship among amateur radio operators in Wylie ,Tx and surrounding cities.  Amateur Radio has something for everyone. Some people are interested in local and worldwide communications and others in emergency communications or the technical aspects of radio electronics or antennas.

4 PILLARS that are the foundation of AMATUER RADIO (a.k.a. HAM RADIO)

Public Service: Amateur radio has a fundamental mission of public service. It’s only natural that this pillar takes the top spot. Hams often provide vital communication during emergencies, disasters, and community events. They assist with search and rescue operations, relay messages, and support public safety agencies. Being prepared to serve the public is at the core of amateur radio’s purpose.

Advocacy: To continue serving the public effectively, amateur radio needs strong advocates. These advocates engage with all levels of government and the general public. They promote the importance of amateur radio, defend spectrum rights, and ensure that policies support the hobby. Advocacy helps maintain a favorable regulatory environment for hams

Education: Learning and training are ongoing processes in amateur radio. Earning a license is just the beginning. Hams constantly educate themselves about radio theory, operating techniques, and new technologies. The license signifies the start of a journey, not its end. Understanding telecommunications technology is a defining characteristic of our community.

Membership: The heart of any association is its membership. The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), as the national association for amateur radio, recognizes that its members are its most valuable resource. The ARRL’s mission is reflected in its pages, emphasizing the importance of community, collaboration, and shared love for radio technology. Our mastery of technology allows us to serve the public even when other communication channels fail.

Emergency Service

Amateur Radio operators offer important help with communications during emergencies. Many American Legion 315 Club members have joined the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) which operates under the ARRLNTX (The American Radio Relay League) North Texas Section.


The Club holds regular meetings at 6:00PM on the first Wednesdays of each month. The first 2 Wednesday’s of the month are held on ZOOM calls while the last Wednesday of the month is held at the Smith Library conference room, located at 300 Country Club Rd, Wylie, Tx 75098

Join us

The yearly dues currently are $25.00 for general public, $15.00 for Veterans, Active-Duty, and reservists, Associate and student are $10.00, and the family plan at $30.00 annually. A membership application form can be found on the Club website: www.ki5wiz.org, under About Us.

American Radio Relay League Affiliation

The American Legion post 315 Amateur Radio Club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League . The club recognizes the contributions and efforts made by the League to ensure the existence of the amateur radio service be perpetuated with much of the work done predating this club’s existence. It is likely that without the League being there in the early days of 20th century to intervene on behalf of, and represent the interests of the hobbyists, that amateur radio as a service recognized worldwide wouldn’t exist as we know it today. There are so many facets of amateur radio that the League has bolstered and supported through time that overlap with the American Legion post 315 Amateur Radio Club’s charter and purpose that it seems natural to affiliate with a fine organization such as the American Radio Relay League.

Many members of the American Legion post 315 Amateur Radio Club are also members of the American Radio Relay League. Others have hold or have held positions within the ARRL organizational structure and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) North Texas Section.

This club values its relationship with the ARRL North Texas ,  and encourages all ham radio operators to consider joining the ARRL membership.

The Club mailing address is:

The American Legion Post 315 Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 652, Wylie, TX 75098