Winlink Global Radio Email®️…

…is a network of amateur radio and authorized government stations that provide worldwide radio email using radio pathways where the internet is not present. The system is built, operated, and administered entirely by licensed “Ham” volunteers. It supports email with attachments, position reporting, weather, and information bulletins, and is well-known for its role in interoperable emergency and disaster relief communications. It is capable of operating completely without the internet–automatically–using smart-network radio relays. Licensed Winlink operators/stations use both amateur radio and government radio frequencies worldwide. Support for the system is provided by the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) non-profit, public-benefit entity. Winlink Global Radio Email®️ is a US registered trademark of the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc.

In recent years, Winlink has become the standard method of exchanging detailed messages between stations involved in Emergency Management of incidents because it reduces the time required and errors inherent in passing traffic verbally. The Winlink operator can send email using the internet when a connection is available, using a Radio Mail Server outside of the impacted area which is connected to the internet or Peer-to-Peer (One-to-One) to a specific station set up to exchange mail with the operator’s station.  There are a number of weekly exercises and training opportunities online.


Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS) is a free Open Source software suite that allows amateur radio operators to reliably send and receive data using nearly any computer (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and any analog radio without requiring a dedicated digital infrastructure or specialized modem hardware. NBEMS works on both VHF/UHF FM and on HF. In this presentation you will learn the basics of sending and receiving data using Fldigi. You will see how to easily send and receive verified files and forms using Flmsg.  You will learn one way to integrate NBEMS with a high-speed Broadband Hamnet mesh network.

NBEMS, like Winlink, can be used to send ICS Forms.